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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. if you've got the midweek blues, here is good news for you. it is winesday wednesday. it is october 3rd. so glad you are here with us today a little dreary out there it is. >> but a whole front on the whole east coast, you know, it is sort of -- >> by the way in new york on friday, the weathercasters and meteorologists are predicting 80 degrees. really? >> it's just for a moment. >> indian summer. >> good good good.
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there's some news being made out of wisconsin. this is an interesting story. there's an anchorwoman there who is overweight. >> by her own admission. >> she received an e-mail, as people on tv often do from viewers saying things. >> that's why i don't read them. anyway. >> this e-mail came anonymously, it said -- i don't know if we it said "it's unusual they see your morning show but i did so for a very short time today. i was surprised indeed to witness that your physical condition hasn't improved for many years. surely you don't consider yourself a good role model for our you can women in particular. obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain. i leave yo this note hoping that you'll reconsider your responsibility and consider promoting a healthy lifestyle. >> really just unbelievable. >> yeah. >> her husband who is also a local anchor was furious.
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rightfully so. >> right. anyway, she decided instead of sitting there stewing about it which often people do she decided she was going to step out and say something. >> didn't he posted it on facebook? >> yes. so here's what she said. >> the truth is, i am overweight. you could call me fat. and yes, even obese on a doctor's chart. but to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think i don't know that? that your cruel words are pointing out something that i don't see? you don't know me. you are not a friend of mine. you are not a part of my family and you have admitted that you don't watch this show. so, you know nothing about me but what you see on the outside. and i am much more than a number on a scale. >> it's just -- it's so heartbreaking. she is a mother of three. >> yeah. >> she -- we can only imagine the cruelty of people. and this one was just -- even the way he delivered it was just like so matter of fact. like i'm trying to help. >> judge judy. annoying. annoying. >> just as rude and as cruel as can be. >> here is the thing that she
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said. if this man is watching tv in his home and he says to his child, oh, she's fat, that child's going to school the next day and saying to another child, you're fat. >> right. >> october is not only breast cancer awareness month it is anti-bullying month as well. the question is was that man bullying her? the man's response was interesting. >> which is also annoying. after seeing that, he writes again. >> keep digging. >> stop writing. >> this is what he said. >> kenneth krause. >> you don't have to be cruel. >> kenneth krause. >> let's go -- try that again. ? kenneth said this. "given this country's present epidemic of obesity and the many truly horrible diseases related thereto, and considering jennifer livingston's for tuesday out position in the
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community, i hope she will take the golden opportunity to influence the health and psychological well-being of could you lee region children by transforming herself for all of her viewers to see over the next year, and to that end i would be absolutely pleased to offer jennifer any advice or support she would be willing to accept." have we seen a picture of this man is. >> i want to see kenneth krause. >> naked. >> there. bring it. >> it's also about the next topic we're going to talk about, being so rude. it's just in general, because of the -- because of social media, people think they can say anything with anonymity, although he left his name. >> he left his name. there is the thing it is that judge judy -- i like judge judy, but it's that attitude of like i'll help you. i will abe glad to help you, young lady. he doesn't even get it. >> first of all what she get is absolutely right. she has had three babies, sir, by the way. have one and see what happens to your body. >> kenneth krause. >> there.
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said it. >> and i bet you can tell by her man erand her delivery that she is nobody's fool. and she handed i think extremely well. she said she is trying to use it as a teaching opportunity with her own girls at home. god bless her. >> good for her. you're right about people being rude online. there was an article on the "wall street journal" that talked about how rude people are online because do you have the anonymity. now the equivalent you pretend you did something that annoyed me. >> imagine that. >> you'll do it in five more minutes. >> let's say i wanted to confront you about it and you say, look, you really hurt my feelings you might say oh, my god, i'm sorry, what is it? i would react to your reaction. i would not keep plugging away, keep pounding on you, i would see she get. >> my point she got it. someone is writing an e-mail,
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spewing and spewing and spewing, no idea of win the person goes, okay, i got it. >> human connection. it is all technological. >> sometimes when you're really upset and you write things quickly and hit send, regret it want to pull it back, you think to yourselves, my gosh, i can't believe i said that, when you can't judge how bad another person is feeling as you're saying your thing. >> the fact the man still doesn't see what he has done is wrong. >> who? >> maybe he is an upstanding member of the community there in wisconsin, but i just think i wish -- i don't know, you think he wishes he had it back? >> he gave a follow-up statement. >> i know that but public opinion is against kenneth krause. >> kenneth knows. women see. he may say, look, everyone -- people do judge when they look at someone immediately, they look at the person and they think something, regardless. >> but isn't that just as wrong as homophobia or racism? >> yeah, but -- >> isn't that prejudice? hello? >> yeah, it is. but i think when you look at someone who's overweight and the first thing you think of is, oh,
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what a terrible representative you are, this woman clearly knows that she is overweight. >> challenged that way. >> she wants to work on it but that's not all of her. it's part of her. >> let me just tell you this, everybody, wait till menopause. you think you got trouble controlling it now, wait till the old postmenopausal series kicks in. that's fun. that's your reward for good living your entire life. yes. yes. >> okay. so there was a smackdown of sorts on tmz we got to see. >> tell us about ms. maria. >> nicki minaj and mariah carey are the two judges on "american idol." there was talk of who is going to outdiva whom and is it going to be a big smackdown. lo and behold, the very first day, together at the table, appears to be a confrontation. >> hoda, apparently nicki minaj showed up 45 minutes late for the auditions right off the bat. what would happen if you or i showed up 45 minutes late for our work here? >> the show would be better. >> probably. >> a lot better. >> willie geist would come over and fix it.
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>> sara sit in here, jill, bobby -- probably is a heck of a show but anyway, all right. so, bad analogy. the point is it is unprofessional, i don't care who you are, real professionals show up on time. if you are not on time, you are basically saying i'm more important than you are. i'm more important than the people that have camped out all night waiting to audition. it's rude. >> so, there was some surreptitious video apparently shot that somehow they managed to get the captioning on there so you could -- >> if you could actually understand it. >> so here's the smackdown. >> since you can't really -- should we read the thing? >> yes. you be nikki, i will be randy. >> well, i can't. >> >> just bleep it. >> get this. get in control. get in control. >> settle down. settle down. >> don't lose your head.
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don't lose your head. tell me i'm a gangsta. every five minutes so every time you patronize me, i'm a -- take it back. and if you've got -- >> bleep. >> problem. handle it. i told them i'm not bleep. >> bleeping. >> highness over there. figure it the bleep out. >> i'm not gonna sit here every -- finish it. commit and finish it, hoda. to have you come down and harass me every minute of every day. [ applause ] >> thank you. i think it may have been better -- i think it may have been better with us. >> they started out as colleagues. they worked together in a single. able to get along, which makes one wonder -- >> if this was real. >> if this was set up and a leaked for ratings purposes? love to know what you-all think. their ratings are challenged the first time in many seasons. >> right. they want to get people. and look, "the voice" is doing very, very well. "dancing with the stars" is on. other shows are on. >> that's failing -- not --
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>> dancing? >> yeah, down as well. >> i think "the voice" is at the top. >> everything has a time and season. and people end up doing desperate things to hold onto power and prestige. >> right. >> and not to mention, woo hoo. >> we will talk about a topic coming up next i think will interest you. it is about kids who are entitled, who think they deserve everything. makes me crazy. >> even crazier than kenneth krause. and then, don't know the healthiest and best tasting foods on the grocery list or the aisle? we will have the cooking light tasty award winners. things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place.
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>> welcome, ladies. >> seems to be getting worse and worse and worse. >> is it? is that what you guys are thinking too? >> it is, entitlement is not in their dna. >> also not in the constitution. >> but it's on the rise. i think, in part, because our kids are growing up in this ego centric reality tv world. >> is it parents are trying to do the right thing, no bad intentions, you want your kid to be happy and confident, say good job, bobby, great job at this? >> we praise for everything. wake up in the morning, yay, you woke up. we have to start thinking about you got up in the morning, hard to get up and go to school, praise the effort, not the kid. you worked so hard to get yourself to school on time. that's so great. i'm proud of you. they are going to internalize that and feel good about themselves, they will do it again. >> equal parts discipline when they don't. >> right. >> that is the other thing, the other side of it, you know. it's appalling the way children behave now. their parents just stand there and don't listen or don't watch
2:19 am
or totally ignore it and say aren't they cute? no, they are not. they are obnoxious. >> if your child draws a picture and it is not that great but you say, suzie, that's a beautiful picture you've made. >> think of traz like candy. >> you worked really hard on that project, you are not just awesome or the best artist in the world, encourage or praise specifically what they've done. >> why do people -- parents think this is good for their children? creating a false reality that once they get to college, they are gonna have a rude awakening aren't they, jen? >> we see it -- yes, we see it all the time, see parents who are kind of pushing aside any obstacles, these kids don't know how to fail appropriately, don't know how to fight their own battles, be responsible for themselves. so they've been taught over time, we know, helicopter parenting is a big deal. we have talked about that endlessly. the problem is they try to catch their children before they ever fall. they don't learn they can get up, brush themselves off and do it again.
2:20 am
>> sometime you isn't praising -- doesn't it give confidence and sometimes the people who succeed in life are not necessarily the most talented ones, but the ones who do believe they can do it they are the most confident? >> yes. are they confident in the fact just that they are awesome or that they can persevere? they can take on difficult challenges? they can go the extra mile. >> that's different from saying you're the best, honey. >> those are the things that contribute to success in life. school or a job. >> i think it's a combination. it's i fell down and i got up and i know how to purse veer and i have a cheerleader behind me. >> silent soccer games. not allowed to cheer your kid. >> not have fights on the field. but cheer from the sidelines. >> what is the difference between a helicopter parent and lawnmower parent? >> we have gone from helicopter, hovering over our kids to lawnmowering, we will mow down any obstacle in their path to make it easy for them. >> >> kids who don't get
2:21 am
internships who call up and say why didn't my child get that internship? >> all the time. >> they'll call college professors and fight why they didn't get the right grade. they will write the papers while they are still in college. how do we expect there to be a workforce of these young people when they can't figure out how to even function? >> sometimes kids are -- win there is a soccer game, they give every single kid a blue ribbon. even if you're doing the right thing sometimes, society is sort of saying you're great, you're great, you're great. >> parents are behind that, too. i don't want to totally parent bash. i think there are experts, like us, at times who say self-esteem is the way to go build self-esteem. so it's the way, like the thing of the moment and we have to take a step back, look at it and say what are we really doing? promoting too much self-esteem, you're awesome, you're awesome, you're awesome, hurtful and pull back from that to teach balance? >> you know what every time i have been to a special olympic event, i sob my eyes out how beautiful it is that each kid gets a reward 'cause they -- and it means so much to them. let's save it for those kinds of situations. >> right. >> you know? thanks, ladies.
2:22 am
>> thank you so much. . you're not too terrific. >> you are just so so. >> did a good job. >> did an excellent job. >> feel good about yourselves. >> you can ask questions about raising kids without entitlement on our website, what are the tastiest and healthiest foods of on your grocery stores? >> not on your shelf, hoda. the winner of "cooking light's" tasties awards. right after this. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah.
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with thousands of different food products on supermarket shelves house, do you know which ones taste the best and which ones are the healthiest? >> "cooking light" makes that easy with their annual grocery taste test known as the taste test awards. "cooking light" contributor editor allison fishman has the winners. hey, honey. >> the winners are -- >> these are nine great items. let me just tell you, the way we found them, they have to be available in national grocery stores. >> okay. not niche marketing things? >> not niche at all.
2:27 am
they had to be within our sodium requirements, within our saturated fat and no added transfat. >> okay. >> after that, it was all about taste. >> what do we have here? >> first one, these are rice chips. these are lundberg. this has brown rice. >> winner. >> great crisp great flaifer. >> my gosh. >> can you try that with a little guac, hummus? >> malta meal honey nut scooters, we did a raw test and with milk, the sog test. >> didn't do cheerios? >> cheerios did not win. these won. >> looks like the packaging of cheerios. >> this is almond butter. people trying to stay away from peanut butter. this is an alternative. very healthy, vitamin e, potassium, fiber. >> i thought peanut butter was good for you. >>hey are but people are staying away because of the allergies.
2:28 am
not into it? >> i don't want to say anything mean, like kenneth krause did. >> i'm not into almond butter. >> freezer, vegetable lasagne, pop this into your microwave, we love the way the noodles stood up and the vegetables stood up. i gave it to my stepdaughter. back to school night. plate licked clean. >> a bite without the cheese part. >> noodles are nice and firm, which is great for a frozen item like that the vegetables firm, too. >> holds up in the wash. >> there you go michael angelo's venge table lasagne. greek yogurt is all the rage. went for strawberry. >> love chobani. do. >> i have to do everything? >> not too thick, not too soft. tang. >> oh, that's very good. it's fluffy. >> so glad you like it. next one this is quinoa. >> you can have this -- >> quinoa. >> quinoa. >> this is puree, cooks up in 15 minutes, nice kind of poppy texture in your mouth, nutty
2:29 am
flavor. >> instead of rice or instead of pasta, right? >> great protein in it, eight grams of protein. >> the first time i had it i thought that's not so bad. slap some sauce on it it's fine. >> i love this this is kerry gold, in terms of the product reduced fat cheddar cheese. >> oh. >> reduced fat cheddar cheese isn't always wonderful. this product is. >> let me go back and get this thing. you can't just eat cheese. perfect. >> see if this baby holds up. >> very rich, very flavorful. good on a cheese platter. very crumb bli. >> you love it? >> i wish i could have some. i can't have cheese anymore. >> for chocolate chips, you have to taste them both raw and in a cookie. this is a great recipe you can find on cooking >> you like it? >> delicious. >> it meets the middle, hershey's special dark, not too sweet, not too bitter but has more chips, the chips are smaller so you get better distribution. >> wash it down.
2:30 am
>> loves it. >> this green tea is fantastic, i love this stuff. >> this instead of a soft drink, less calories, only 70 calories per serving. >> you are great. congratulations to all the winners. be back with who knew? >> and shaq in the house.
2:31 am
2:32 am
we are back now with more of today on this winesday wednesday. play the weekly trivia game called "who knew?" we are spicing things up for hispanic heritage month. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store across the street. if they get it right, they get $100. for those who don't, they get kathie lee's cd. joining us, editor-in-chief and nbc latino contributor, jack rico. you excited? >> yes. >> across to you. >> beautiful lady from alberta, canada, with her husband of 25 years celebrating. we're so glad you're here with us. finish the lyrics please to this ricky martin song.
2:33 am
♪ take away your pain like a bullet to your brain ♪ ♪ upside inside out ♪ living la vida loca. >> happy anniversary. [ ding ] >> looked a little scared. she nailed it. >> she absolutely did. >> better get it. one of the best-selling singles of all time, ricky martin that particular song is his signature song. not only that the guy basically created the latin explosion of 1999, paved the way for jennifer lopez and enrique iglesias. >> packed the plaza when he visits us. back to kath. >> lovely lady. who is this latina star won countless awards with from "modern family." please. let's not go through it. who is it? rosie perez? >> no, sophia. >> vergara. let's mix it up a little. >> that was a gimme. so fee yeah is hot.
2:34 am
on fire. >> she is on fire. one of the most famous personalities in hollywood. they are from barranquilla, colombia. >> i can't roll rs. >> highest paid woman actress on television right now, one of the few women very successful in spanish and in english. she is on a roll. >> she is terrific. back across to kath. >> just one problem. that lady wanted my cd. >> thank you. >> some people have taste, hoda. all righty. where are you from, sir? >> san diego. >> all righty. who has recently been confirmed as a judge on "the voice" season four? shakira, gloria estefan, enrique iglesias or pit bull? >> i'm gonna say -- >> you don't know, do you? >> wait on "the voice"? >> yeah. >> enrique. >> i told you. [ buzzer ] told you, you didn't know. >> i went with the crowd. >> the correct answer -- >> that's all right. you're a big winner. >> shakira. >> hips don't lie, this one she performed with wycliffe
2:35 am
jean. known for her dance moves. expecting a baby with a soccer player. out of spain. >> i heard. now back to kath. >> which actress and singer sang this chart topper? play the song, please. was it -- demi lovato, j. lo or selena. or mariah carey? >> demi lovato. >> selena gomez. >> look. she does not want that cd. she took that cd and she didn't want it. >> absolutely. selena gomez, her name from the mexican tejano singer, selena. she sings this song actually in spanish. it's called "evitas." >> yes. she is one of the more accomplished teenagers, justin bieber, best friends with taylor swift. can't ask more of a teenager than her. >> that song is a big hit? >> huge hit. >> go ahead. >> texas friend who played
2:36 am
gabrielle solis on desperate housewives? ava longoria, penelope cruz, salma hayek or eva mendez? >> a. >> eva mendes. yes. >> so, eva longoria, particularly for this character of gabriella solis, eight seasons on the show, never nominated for an emmy. but she cohosted the all ma awards, she's now busy with the obama campaign and now dating mark sanchez, jets quarterback. >> yes, there's a lot about that time for one last one, kath. >> visiting from san diego. name this song where j. lo talks about her heritage growing up. >> listen to this is it dance again, pappy, jenny from the block? >> jenny from the block? >> yep. yep. yep. a big day. >> jenny from the block. that's great song. a great song. and it is from the 2002 "this is then" and remember ben fer, ben affleck? >> he is in the video. probably hates that.
2:37 am
>> you think of j. lo, think of this song. and you want it in every single concert. fantastic. >> thanks for joining us. kathie lee is going to come back across the street. how to extend the life and color of your hair and save some money, right after this. and guess who's in the house? we have the one, the only, shaquille o'neal with us. let's get the party started. is he falling asleep? shaq, we are waiting for you. right after this. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable.
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now on today's beauty, how often do you get your hair done at the salon? more than every two months we need to talk. >> celebrity stylist sally hirshberger is here with tips to stretch the appointment by extending the life of your haircut and color, saving you time and money at the salon, maybe putting you out of business. you sure you want to tell us, sally? >> that's what i was thinking. this is a bit risky. >> great to meet you, famous hairdresser, you. >> you, too. i like your hair getting longer in the front. bangs. >> ish.
2:42 am
>> so bangs can be really from here, like yours. >> i have bangs? >> kathie lee. or like mine. 'cause when you think about your hair getting, you know, too long, it's the front that you're seeing. >> you are going to show us how to cut our own bangs? >> i hope that you guys help me. will you pass me that clip right there? >> emily, we want to apologize in advance. >> sally admitted she doesn't have her glasses on. >> you don't either. >> i don't cut straight. >> when you guys do this is key, take out the part you're not going to cut, so i'm sectioning it out. >> twist it. >> twist it. and then here, just do less, less is more. and don't get my fingers. >> can you see? >> cut it. >> i'm going to cut some more. >> up to your finger? >> you can also cut into it and guess what. >> that piece. >> let's check it out. >> okay, get that one. >> and go. >> okay. you guys got a job, okay? ready? and then you just go like this
2:43 am
and you check it out. >> look what we did. >> welcome. >> that will be $250, please. >> right. and then if it is a little longer on one side, twist it and do it again. >> you made that look famous with that meg ryan. just got out of bed and fluffed your hair so cute. i love it still. >> talk about split ends and how to treat them, shall we? >> absolutely. okay. okay. the longer your hair gets, it gets, you know, drier on the ends. what's key, if you're into having wavy hair, which is happening now, don't use a curling iron, use these. this is what i did on my hair today, the curling iron fries your hair. this is how do you it. >> this is ranjana? >> great hair. >> amazing, right? >> crazy. all of you guys. literally, leave the end out and you want to try it. >> what happens here? >> you put it in when it's 90% dry or even almost completely dry. and put it in wherever you want waves. just wrap it. >> you don't spray any product on it or anything?
2:44 am
>> i like the keratin spray. >> no, it seals your split ends. >> put it in, doesn't have to be perfect. >> no. >> looks good. >> genius, you get the giselle waves when you let it out. seriously. >> so, 90% wet? >> yeah. and leave it in three minutes. then if you want your hair straight, get the keratin spray at a drugstore, seriously, spray it in and just use a flatiron, like most people go hold it just slide it. >> don't hold it. >> this gets all of us. what do we do -- >> gray roots are a no. i mean, if you have -- >> let's see, bend over if you can see. >> can you guys see that? >> sorry, nancy. >> nancy, nancy. >> i will show you mine, too. >> ready, hold still. check it out. literally, spray this in. >> oh. >> then take a toothbrush.
2:45 am
>> toothbrush? >> i want to see what's happening here. >> what is this? >> you just want to streak it through. >> we should point out this is dry shampoo. >> dry shampoo, you guys, because that will -- >> look at that. >> fantastic. that is genius. >> dry shampoo? it's not color? >> it's not color. >> it is tinted. >> tinted. and it's called batiste? in different colors. >> get at the drugstore, brown, black. >> sally. you rock, girl. >> genius, sally hirshberg. great to finally meet you. >> you know what, guysers shaq is back. we have been waiting for him. he is in the house. >> as we head toward the weekend we are looking at some scattered rainshowers from boston, new york, all the way down into florida. we've also got a pretty strong cold front moving across the
2:46 am
midwest. that is ushering in the coldest air of the season. pretty much every cold front this time of the year you've got to watch. this time we've got the snow associated with it. we could see several inches in parts of north dakota as well as northwestern minnesota. for you in chicago, big-time temperature changes. in fact we're looking at 79 degrees for thursday, but then eventually we'll see those numbers really come down. you can see 60 around kansas city but only 52 degrees in minneapolis. all the while we keep it relatively mild along the northeast coast. 71 in new york, 80 in d.c. and 82 degrees in atlanta, georgia. but eventually the cold front reaches all the way into the south, including northern texas. we call it the blue norther as that northerly wind takes hold and temperatures will be much much cooler in dallas coming up this weekend. we've got the texas state fair going on there as well. scattered showers from kansas city to st. louis, over towards indianapolis and the eastern lakes around buffalo and pittsburgh we could find scattered showers, along with that cooler temperatures. highs on friday chicago after
2:47 am
being in the 70s on thursday only going to be 59 degrees on friday. still out ahead of that front, though, south of the front we are really toasty. 84 in atlanta, 86 in new orleans, 89 in houston with still a touch of humidity in the air as well. eventually the cold front comes down through the tennessee valley bringing with it chance for showers on saturday affecting some college football games going on here. 534 degrees in chicago. the front is upon us in new york and philly. by sunday we are still looking at wet conditions across the northeast including new york city with your high of only degrees. you can always get your forecast if you wake up with al on the weather channel week day mornings. so stay with us. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care. so the production of twix was divided between two separate factories. left twix factory cascades caramel and chocolate onto cookie, while right twix factory flows caramel and chocolate onto cookie. today they share nothing, but a wrapper and a driveway. try both and pick a side. begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
2:49 am
today, we are kicking off a new series, kathie lee and hoda's nice guy of the week. standing at 7 feet and 315? >> no, 345.
2:50 am
>> 345 pounds, larger-than-life man is arguably the most dominant player the nba has ever seen, but for shaquille o'neal, leaving his mark off the court is just as important. >> the father of five is a strong advocate for the boys and girls clubs. in addition to generous monetary donations, shaq volunteers his time, also a member of the club's alumni hall of fame. he is here with chris style carter and tray dudley and darius shaw of the boys and girls club. >> hard to get the light on shaq. shaq is up in the rafters. >> ever tired of looking down on people, he said no. >> never. ever. you are obviously very busy, on the court, a lot of things going on this is something near and dear to your heart? >> yes, before we get started, i want to say you ladies look fabulous, you do a wonderful job. >> stop it, big boy. stop it. >> i'm sorry, what did you say? >> you look great. i'm in town on behalf of tupperware around the boys and girls club. the boys and girls club has always been very dear to my heart. growing up in northern new
2:51 am
jersey, it was a place that i could go and you know get education as well as learn how to play basketball. so ever since 1992, i have been a strong supporter of the boys and girls club. i was the first guy to donate $1 million so they can get computers in the boys and girls club and we have been doing a lot of things. >> what kind of impact has he had on you? >> huge. >> really? >> but what has he meant to you, do you think? >> the boys band girls club has meant so much to me academic-wise it has helped me get through a failing high school and i'm proud to be a high school graduate and i'm starting college. >> go girl. >> i am so excited. >> awesome. >> darius? >> when it comes to the boys and girls club, we have an emphasis on leadership and character building and having great alumni role models like shaq here makes it easy for us to encourage kids to come in and do our boys and girls clubs program. >> trey? >> it has been a lot, now i'm national ambassador of the year, spokesperson for everybody, to be that role model, the boys and
2:52 am
girls club taught me to do that. >> great great great. you guys know how to play basketball? >> is there a basketball around? >> right there. >> where? >> we are looking up. >> we will play two on one with shaq. you guys are going to help us out. >> you two against me? you sure you want to do that? >> try with both of us. ready? one -- did it go in? >> of course it went in. >> all right. >> kids we need your help. >> take a shot. i want to see you guys go -- >> oh. >> all right. >> nope. >> oh. >> all right. >> no way. we are going to end our show on a high note with a performance of the piano guys, but first this is "today" on nbc. thank you, shaq.
2:53 am
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
these five began making music videos together for fun, but their hobby turned into a worldwide phenomenon when their self-made youtube videos amassed more than 145 million views collectively. >> now signed to major music label and out with their self-titled debut album called "the piano guys" here they are with another one of their creative hits, code name vivaldi. great composer you might know. have a great day, everybody. bye bye. ♪ ♪
2:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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